MACtac Digital Media Films

Below is a list of MACtac's selection of Digital Media Printable films. For more information, or to place an order, please call us at 1-800-223-5995.

MACtac also has a line of Screen Printable Films, which ASP is proud to now offer.

You can view MACtac's complete 2015 Product Offering Catalog here.

High Performance Media Intermediate Media High-Performance
Thermal Overlaminates
MACtac GV729BFD MACtac EMP328 MACtac 6300 MACtac CG8000 MACtac TL2000
MACtac GV929BFD MACtac EMP329 MACtac IP6000 MACtac CG8200 MACtac TL2100
MACtac JJ5796MBF MACtac EMR328 MACtac IP6100 MACtac CG8300 MACtac TL4000
MACtac JX5798MBF MACtac EMR329 MACtac IP6200 MACtac IP7286 MACtac TL5000
MACtac JX5999MBF MACtac GV529BFD MACtac IP7000 MACtac LF6550 MACtac TL5100
MACtac JT5529BFDPRO MACtac JDT429 MACtac IP7200 MACtac LF6560 MACtac TL5300
MACtac JX5728P MACtac JT5826P MACtac IP7300 MACtac PF6400 MACtac TL5400
MACtac JX5796MBF MACtac JT5828HTO MACtac LF3630G MACtac PF6500 MACtac TL5600
MACtac JX5916P MACtac JT5828P MACtac LF3640G MACtac PG7034 MACtac TL6100
MACtac JX5928P MACtac JT5828R MACtac PF6300 MACtac PG7000  
MACtac JX5929P MACtac JT5829P   MACtac PG7200 Thermal Backers
MACtac JX5999R MACtac JT5829R   MACtac PG7300 MACtac TL8000
MACtac WW100 MACtac JT828P     MACtac TL8100
  MACtac JT829P     MACtac Light Block
  MACtac PVO228P      
  MACtac PVO229P      
  MACtac STR328      
  MACtac WN628      
MACtac WP129