Arlon Series 4600LX PerformancePlus Automotive Restyling Film

Arlon Series 4600LX PerformancePlus is a high performance ultra-conformable film that allows you to transform the color of your vehicle with multiple finishes and colors. Series 4600LX is the perfect film for a full vehicle color change wrap or custom accents. The repositionable light gray adhesive combined with the new LX (low profile) X-Scape Technology provides installers a bubble free easy installation with a smooth, paint-like finish. Use Series 2300X, Textured Automotive Restyling film, along with Series 4600LX to add truly unique and custom effects to your vehicle.

Recommended Applications

  • Full Vehicle Wraps
  • Vehicle Stripes
  • Accent Wraps on Vehicles

Available Colors:

  • Gloss Colors: Black, White, Blue, Dark Blue, Bright Red, Dark Green, Midnight Blue Metallic, Bright Yellow and Bright Orange
  • Matte Colors: Black, White, Graphite Grey Metallic, Midnight Blue Metallic

Arlon Series 4600LX Automove Film Product Bulletin-
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