Arlon Digital Media

Product Usage
Automotive Restyling
2300X Hi-Tech specialty automotive wrap film
4600LX PerformacePlus automotive wrap film
Premium Cast
DPF 6000XRP Cast film with repositionable X-scape adhesive
DPF 6000X Cast white film with X-scape adhesive
DPF 6000RP Premium film with excellent conformability
DPF 6000RP Clear Clear version of DPF 6000RP
DPF 6500 Cast translucent film for backlit applications
DPF 6700 Interior and exterior wall wraps
Series 67A Fleet and large-format screen printed graphics
Series 2209 Designed for thermal transfer imagain equipment
Premium Calendered Specialty
DPF 8000 Premium film for hard to stick surfaces
DPF 4300 Multi-purpose removable film
DPF 2400 Printable reflective indoor/outdoor vinyl
DPF 2400XLP Printable reflective indoor/outdoor vinyl
DPF 4500GX Best value air egress for every day sign applications
DPF 4500G High gloss or flat matte finish film with permanent adhesive
DPF 4500G Clear Clear version of DPF 4500G
Series 4559 Thermal transfer receptive film
DPF 50WD White Film with low tack removable adhesive for promotional use
DPF 50WD Clear Clear version of DPF 50WD White
DPF 600GT/MT Designed with extra opacity to cover existing graphics
Industrial Grade Films for Digital Printing
DPF 9000 For applications where the film is exposed to heat or solvents
DPF 4000 Ideal for transportation and automotive graphics
DPF 2000 Clean removing for up to 2 years
Series 2459 Reflective film for thermal transfer imaging
Screen Printing Films
Series 87V For screen sprinted graphics on difficult-to-apply surfaces
Series 72A Excellent overall performance for UV/ Solvent screen prints
Interior Films
DPF 206 Fabric film ideal for application to smooth painted walls
DPF 207 Ideal for graphics which are applied to smooth painted walls
DPF 208 For "roll-up" banner applications
DPF 210 For "roll-up" banner applications
DPF 210PB Pebble texture digital print banner
DPF 215 Premium semi-rigid pop-up banner material
Window Films
DPF 45WF Designed for one-way viewing graphics
DPF 47WF Perforated film for one-way graphics
DPF 50WD Clear Clear version of DPF 50WD White
DPF 50WD White Film with low tack removable adhesive for promotional use
Light Control
Series 5500 Diffuser light control film
Series 5570 Blockout light control film
Series 5590 Dual color light control film
Banner Films
DPF 303 13oz Banner with blockout properties
DPF 308 8oz Mesh scrim banner for outdoor applications
DPF 308LH Similar to DPF 308, but with large holes
DPF 310 Frontlit flexible substrate
DPF 310BB Black- back frontlit flexible substrate
DPF 313 500D Ideal for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications
DPF 313 1000D Enhanced with 1000 Denier scrim for tear and curl resistance
DPF 315 Blockout banner, ideal for dual-sided printing
DPF 318 Heavy weight banner with blockout
DPF 350 Works with a wide variety of printing inks
DPF 355 Treated with UV inhibitors for longer outdoor durability
DPF 380 Cost-effective backlit banner film
DPF 385 Cost effective heavy weight backlit banner film
Series 3200 Premium optically clear overlaminate
Series 3210 Excellent conformability over lighter weight films
Series 3220 Ideal for long-term signgage protection
Series 3420 Available in satin, matte and gloss images
Series 3350 Anti-graffiti overlaminate
Series 3520 Eco-friendly overlaminate
Series 3590 Heavy duty overlaminate
Flexible Substrates- Eradicables
ColorKote TC Reinforced substrate for long term outdoor awnings
Eradicolor Ideal for back lit signage with single background colors
Eradishield Aerosol protective coating for use with ColorKote TC
Flexible Substrates - White Flexface
Wide Flex 6 For large faces where uniform light transmission is important
Cast Flex 10 Reinforced vinyl substrate with protective FX coating
FlexFace FX Premium cast substrate for internally illiminated signage
Multipurpose Flexface (MPF) UV stable and pollutant resistant substrate.
Flexface Seamtape Vinyl seaming tape for joining substrate sections
Protective Coatings
Glasskote FX Protective,meant to be applied to pre-decorated vinyl substrates
Heat Transfer
PlastiPrint FX Designed for decoration over other substrates
Masking Film
Series 2900/2950 Masking film for graphic application
Continuous Striping
Continuous Striping Designed for use with a rotary screen-printing process